Ella James’ Post-Workout Rules

4 Things You Need to Do Immediately After A Workout : Ella James shares her post-workout routine

Each workout session does not end with the final rep of the last exercise – a complete workout routine generally provides for the pre-workout, workout and post-workout stages. A lack of any one of these stages would render a workout routine incomplete and it is the post-workout stage that is often neglected by fitness enthusiasts. This anomaly can be due to a number of factors such as inadequate preparation, lack of knowledge or lack of energy.

The Importance of the Post-Workout Stage

The body needs to be prepared to engage in strenuous activities and needs help to recover after these events. Studies have provided conclusive evidence that people who conduct adequate post-workout routines are able to reap its benefits through less muscle soreness, faster recovery time and better energy levels.

The principle behind post-workout routines lies in elimination of excess lactic acid build up. During periods of physical activities, the body utilizes more oxygen as it needs to break down glucose to transform it into energy. As oxygen intake decreases and consumption increases during exercise, the body has to find a substitute for energy. This is where lactic acid comes into play, it can be converted into energy without oxygen but there is a downside – lactic acid can be produced faster than the body can burn it off. The excess lactic acid is the main factor that causes muscle fatigue, cramps and nausea.

Effective Post-Workout Routines

There are many ways to devise a competent post-workout routine. Lifestyle news have stressed that certain dietary plans can enhance the effectiveness of workouts and help to achieve weight loss targets within a shorter period of time. On the other hand, health professionals have also advocated several general guidelines that should be incorporated into any post-workout routine. Listed below are 4 of the best post-workout tips to engage in.

  1. Cool Down and Stretch

Immediately after the final rep of the last exercise, it is unwise to stop abruptly. The body needs to preempt the imminent halt in activity in order for the heart rate to slowly calm down and resume its normal beats.

Cooling down exercises can be conducted in various ways through yoga poses, stretching, jogging, walking or hopping into the pool for some light drills. It is advisable to engage in cool down activities that are similar to the last workout exercise. For example, if the last exercise is jogging, it would be ideal to gradually slow down into a walk and continue for a couple of minutes before coming to a complete halt.

One of the easiest way to signal the end of a workout is by stretching. As the body engages in stretching poses, it acknowledges that the activity is not as strenuous and does not require equally energy consumption. This allows the body to lower its heart rate and slowly regulate its breathing.

  1. Hydrate

During workout sessions, the body requires higher levels of water and dips into the body reserves to satisfy its need. The water is then discharged from the body in the form of perspiration, leaving the body dehydrated and in need of replenishing.

  1. Shake Up

At the end of a workout session, the muscles are severely exhausted and would need sufficient time to recover its strength. To aid in its recovery, protein shakes are highly recommended as they help to initiate the muscle rebuilding process. This allows fitness enthusiasts to engage in more exercises with lesser recovery time needed.

Additionally, weight loss shakes are equally efficient in the post-workout period as the body is in an enhanced stage of burning fats. Drinking these shakes would help to further increase the effects of fats loss and can help to achieve the desired weight within a shorter time frame.

  1. Suit Up

Insulating the body with compression clothing helps to increase blood circulation and speeds up muscle recovery. This is why many professionals rely on these clothes to help to achieve better performances.


The post-workout stage of a complete exercise regimen will determine the period of rest needed before the next exercise schedule can commence. The more effective a post-workout routine, the less time required for muscle recovery. In the long run, a regular post-workout routine helps fitness enthusiasts achieve their objective quicker and its importance cannot be undermined.

Author Bio:

 Ella James is an aspiring author who is pursuing Health Services Administration degree from St. Petersburg College. She is an active contributor to Consumer Health Digest, which is a leading Health News. In recent years, she had the opportunity to review Joint soother. Get connected with her on Facebook and Twitter.



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