As someone who grew up being fed the fast-paced London lifestyle and is looking for ways to be more mindful and balanced in an increasingly manic world, I wanted to share my developing interests in science, soul and mental health, whilst being able to further educate myself at the same time.

The writing (typing) skills are a continuous work in progress and only reflect my ever-evolving views at the time of writing but in the era of click-bait and junk, I hope that you may find some of the articles on here applicable and useful, or at least thought provoking for you too.

‘Do not shun any healing possibility simply out of an ignorant following of current popular opinion. Nor is it wise to follow any ‘magic cure’ out of faith, wishful thinking or new age glamour. Educate yourself. Learn how your body works’. 

I studied Medical Science with Gastroenterology and Hepatology (gut and liver health) at Imperial College London and developed a concurrent interest in some Holistic or alternative forms of health along with a personal-care and wellness brand – Yūgenial. It has become the norm to go to the gym for our bodies, whilst finding it harder to care for our individual mental and psycho-spiritual needs, especially in the areas where we may lack insight.

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‘I write — or attempt to write — about a saner, healthier, more centred way of moving through the world. Though I want to be clear about something: I don’t write about being sane, centred, and healthy because I am those things. I write about them because they — more often than not — elude me.

I write about patience because I am impatient.

I write about compassion because I am filled with judgment.

I write about meditation because my mind is incredibly active and loud.

I write about forgiveness because I am prone to resentment and grievance.

I write about risk-taking and busting up routine because I am a slave to habit.

I write about creative output and battling resistance because I am a highly distractible, world class procrastinator.

I write about giving myself permission to feel grief because I tend to run from negative feelings.

I write as an antidote to the madness within, as a reminder to myself of what is possible, like a message-in-a-bottle from a wiser me to a less evolved me. Often I don’t even know how I feel about a thing until I write about it. Sometimes my typing fingers are smarter than the thoughts in my head. So I pay attention to what I write. There’s something in there for me.’

Josh Radnor


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