Bidvine App

Bidvine App


The end of 2016 is fast approaching and while some of us may already be starting to think about what new projects the New Year entails, the rest of us still have a hefty ‘To Do’ list to contend with. Enter the solution for everyone – Bidvine, a service that helps you get things done, whether it be learning a new skill, arranging house DIY, scheduling your next workout and at the end of all that, planning a special event to celebrate.


How do I use the service? 

Available on your desktop, iPad or iPhone (search the App store for Bidvine) the set up could not be simpler. Type in your postcode, select the service you need from the dropdown menu and voila – a list of locals willing to help at the swipe of a finger tip. The best thing about this is that all the services are relatively nearby and comparing prices is easy and negotiable. I love that such a diverse range of services is available in one place, saving you time and effort in scouring the entire web for the same results.

Once you have received a set of quotes and decided which professional you would like to work with, everything is arranged directly between the two parties. Therefore no money is actually transferred through the Bidivine platform itself, however they are always contactable should any difficulties arise. Bidivine also make sure to thoroughly review and background-check every professional before they are allowed to advertise on their app / website. An example of some of the services available in my area were pilates, yoga, painting and decorating, massages, language classes – just about anything you could imagine. I was thoroughly impressed with the extensive list of categories available.


Photography Services 

Owen HarveyWhen testing the app out for myself, I personally decided to review a photography service as I felt it would be fun and useful for the blog. A list of quotes came back within the day and after viewing a few profiles, reviews and portfolios I decided to work with Owen Harvey. We arranged to meet in Covent Garden the following month and take things from there. A good hour was spent walking around the gorgeous christmas displays in the area and finding well-lit spots to shoot. Owen was consistently upbeat despite the cold (luckily it didn’t rain) and very patient; even when tourists would obliviously wander in front of the lens, clearly dazzled by the fairy lights and glittering baubles dotted around the courtyard ceiling.

When we were both happy with the result, Owen emailed me a link to an online bank containing the watermarked images and I could choose 3-4 for editing and downloading. Within a week or so, I had the final full resolution head shots saved to my desktop and ready for use.

All in all I would highly recommend the service: it was fast, competitively priced and reliable in delivering exactly what I wanted, when I wanted. I was fortunate enough not to encounter any problems at all, however customer services were brilliant when I contacted them to ensure that I was doing everything right. Whether it’s learning a language, help with your homework, taking up DJing or scheduling a workout, this app is guaranteed to have something that will interest you. Why wait, get things done and give it a go today!