Female Founder Series

Lean In

Cultural Alchemy With Ingrid Asoni, Founder Of Consciously Connected Travel
An Ode To Ogham: Meet Catherine, Founder of Hibernicis Skincare
Systems Shakers: Magical and Moral Imaginations With Scientist Phoebe Tickell
Boutique Batch Fashion: Meet Andrea, Founder of Sambar
Meet Charlotte Howarth: From India To Ibiza with Charlotte’s Web Jewellery
Fortifying Skincare with Irene Forte (B Corp Certified)
Priya Downes: Founder of Nudea
Meet Celine: Founder of Cela Skincare
Meet Lexy: Artist, Psychic And Founder Of New Earth Medicine
Meet Wasma Mansour: Founder Of Women In Mind
Meet Freddie Harrel: Founder of RadSwan