Sarah of The Enlightened Apothecary

Sarah of The Enlightened Apothecary

I was interested in interviewing Sarah not only because of her beautiful store and its mystical wellbeing collection, but equally because of a curiosity in her background as an ‘Angelic Master Healer’ and ‘Quantum Psionics Practitioner’, which are admittedly both things I know little about.

Whilst keen to know more about what such things entail, I predominantly enjoy hearing people’s stories – what lead them to where they are, why they hold certain beliefs or subscribe to a particular paradigm, especially those not considered ‘main stream’, and how life might be experienced through their eyes as a result.

Tell us a little about your background as a Founder

This is a vision I have held for nearly 10 years, the big thing I had to overcome in order to bring it into reality was ego and my limiting beliefs.

I can’t tell you how many times I would start creating a website + curating a list of makers, spending months in the process to then be overrun by fear.

I told myself so many untruths, “you aren’t good enough”, “you can’t do this on your own”, “it will be a failure”.

Over the past 10 years I experienced many awakenings, through transformational coaching, self healing, and expanding my healing practices. I overcame all of these limiting beliefs to stand in my power and feel ready to share what I am about.

What incentivised you to start EA?

I wanted to create a shopping experience which would support the female collective. I have learned many healing modalities and strive to continue to expand my knowledge in women’s health.

My intention was and is to work with makers who I feel are energetically and authentically aligned to what they project to be. So on the shop you will find the products split into three sections:

SELF – for products which will support you + encourage you to take time for yourself + promote self love.

SANCTUARY – Where you will find collections to clear energy + bring your space into harmony + alignment.

SPIRIT – For tools to nurture your spiritual journey + growth. 

Explain a little about your background as an ‘angelic master healer’ and how you got into that?

This was an unexpected experience, I was heavily pregnant + looking for a mentor to complete my reiki attainments which I had started many years before.

I booked in with a reiki master for a healing to see if we had an energetic connection in the hope of her being my mentor. However, during the healing she was guided to use angels and asked my permission if she could call them in. I had never heard of this so had little idea of what to expect. The healing was so profound, and I felt the energies of many of the archangels come forward for my healing. I had to open my eyes at one point, I felt hands all over me, it was so strong.

After the healing I was told by my mentor that the angels were excited to work with me and it just felt right. I then completed my first and second degree angelic healing, and then shortly went on to complete the third and fourth angelic master healing certifications.

Its changed my life and opened me up to a realm that I didn’t know existed. I use the angels a lot during my healing sessions, and especially for protection when creating sacred space for rituals and readings.

My children love it and are very connected to angelic energy. Once you open up communication with the angelic realm there is no going back, I have to smile sometimes at the reassurance they offer and the guidance they give.

I remember one day I was in the middle of my divorce, I was anxious, stressed, and received some upsetting news. As I was walking I asked for a sign of reassurance and that the outcome I was asking for would be supported. I turned round the corner and there it was – an angel spread through the clouds in the sky.

What is a quantum Psionics Practitioner, and what experiences have either yourself or clients had with this?

I have been healing using quantum psionics for a few years now. A relatively new healing modality and incredibly powerful working with mutli-dimensions and the quantum field.

We know that everything holds a frequency, so the initial part of the healing is to measure yours. This is split into several parts, looking at your emotional, physical, life purpose frequencies and then across to the evil eye – black magic running through your ancestral line. I then reset the frequencies to the highest available to that individual.

With this in mind as well as whatever the person may be experiencing that they wish to bring into alignment we then create the healing by setting an intention and asking for diving permission to bring everything into order.

Every time I use this modality I am nothing but truly amazed at what comes through and what is shown. I have had clients who have carried limiting beliefs throughout their adult life and been shown that the cause of the belief lies in a childhood trauma, so then we have a pathway to heal that moment in time and ultimately release that belief system which no longer serves.

Most clients are faced with relationship issues, perhaps an abusive partner or narcissistic ex, often in these cases the root of this lies in past lives, so I am shown where and to send healing into that situation and undo soul contract or cut cords.

The effects of these healings are often very immediate and profound. Clients say that they regain strength, regain clarity and often a positive outlook as well as noticing positive changes due to the intention being set.

What is your response to there being no scientific evidence for these?

I believe science is beginning to explore the idea of consciousness and the quantum field. However, when it comes to my work, or work of a similar nature, the true evidence (for me) lies in the feedback of my clients and the positive impact that they experience. You can read some of my healing reviews on my Instagram page @theenlightenedapothecary.

Have you always been ‘spiritually’ or energetically inclined, and how has this developed and evolved throughout your life?

Yes. Since I was vey small I would ask my mum big questions about life. I have always been aware of past lives and soul purpose, and naturally been drawn to reading books on magic, witches and the “supernatural”.

I have always felt a little lost, misunderstood and not quite able to “fit in”. I first started to really explore healing just after I experienced quite a heavy break up when I was 22 years old. I saw a poster in a local café about a course in reiki and I just felt this intuitive, big guided push to learn.

Although this opened me up further I don’t feel I was truly ready to ‘step up’. In fact it’s only in the last 4 years that I have really expanded my awareness, after finally having the courage to end my marriage which was such an emotional rollercoaster, I threw myself into healing workshops and mentor after mentor appeared in front of me. Guiding me to realise my ability and to nurture my gifts.

Have you ever had a mystical experience, and if so, do you have a theory on these?

I have had many mystical experiences – nearly every day something magical and wonderful happens. I can only explain what I know, that I am open to receiving the signs, the universe is so supportive when you surrender and is there for all if you just allow it. 

What plant medicines or likewise do you love?

This is a subject I love and I am only a beginner in learning the power of plants. I suppose one of the biggest ones is the tulsi leaf aka holy basil. I used this very much as I was going through one of my biggest awakenings 2 years ago. It is believed to be hugely supportive in balancing the chakras and balancing your frequency, helping to bring it back in alignment with the nervous system. Something which often can go very out of sync as your vibration shifts.

Did you have a mentor or people you asked for advice?

Yes, I have 3, each of them a soul sister and warrior women, who speak authentically from their heart space.

How has what you do, changed you as a person?

We never stop evolving right?

Yes, of course, I look back at who I was even last year and barely recognise her. We are all continuous works in progress and I am excited to see how the future me will be.

What are the top 5 books and blogs on your reading list?

At the moment I am reading Spirit Hacking by Shamen Durek, I cannot put it down as the words resonate so deeply.

I also love If Women Rose Rooted, the blog and podcast by Emine Ali Rushton, the Mystic Mama blog also is filled with incredible wisdom.

What is your motto?

It doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us.

What’s yet to come?

More magic from the enlightened apothecary, I’m working on a very special project at the moment which will be revealed later this year!  

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