My Favourite Apps

My Favourite Apps


Despite getting it’s fair share of flack for ruining our relationships and mental health, technology has enhanced our lifestyles in many ways. As a self-confessed phone addict, here are the apps I use on a daily basis for everything from reading, photographing and exploring to budgeting and entertaining.


Daily Doses

Carrot: Love is an understatement for how I feel about the entire range of Carrot Apps (including a 7 minute workout, calorie tracker, to do list, alarm clock and weather app). Injecting some sadistic humour into your daily routine, Carrot will get your ‘flabby meatbag’ body back into shape, aggressively wake up even the deepest of sleepers, or try and make sure you don’t (whilst openly wishing you would) get stuck in the rain.

Provata VR: With DIY Virtual Reality headsets being incredibly easy to make using just some Google VR cardboard and a mobile phone, this app is a great way to meditate whilst visually losing yourself on a beach, the mountains or even in space.

Speakly: An alternative to the more commonly known Duolingo, you can read more about this promising app and my interview with its founder here. Guaranteeing you adequate fluency in a matter of months with daily use according to its research!

1SE: The 1 second a day app – what it says on the tin. Record just 1-1.5 seconds of your day, every day and at the end of the week/month/year you can play it all back and feel all nostalgic about the little moments that got you where you are today.


Book Nerds

Medium: Think WordPress for Silicon Valley

Quartz: ‘it’s like a conversation about the news – sort of like texting’. You have to try it to really get this one. Quartz gives you the most important and interesting news from around the globe – in an interactive imessage format. Complete with gifs.

Gumroad: Great for downloading niche magazines such as Health Bloggers Community or Blogosphere. I also recommend Nat Eliason’s book notes which are downloaded through Gumroad but can be read on Evernote.


For The Gram

B612: A Japanese camera / photo editor created by the makers of Line Messenger, think making your face real-life manga.

VSCO: Every instababe’s fave lighting app

Colourstory: delicious sounding filters like ‘summer picnic’ and ‘cotton candy’ that sadly don’t make photos edible.

Planoly: for grammers that want to schedule posts so you can line them up in advance and get them published without having to think about it


London Life

Eventbrite: Warning this app will bankrupt you because you will find so many things to do that you will never have a night in any more.

Dojo: I harp on about this one to anyone that will listen. View their curated weekly lists for the best things to do / see / eat around town or use the ‘around me’ function for spontaneous gems.

Quiqup: Order booze and fags at midnight. Or if you fancy having a restaurant meal that isn’t listed on deliveroo / uber eats, chances are this thing will have it. Luxe.

Chicmi: London’s best sample sales. Why would you ever buy full price, ever again.

Borrow My Doggy: Don’t get one of your own until you have tried this for at least 2 weeks. Babysitting is hard!



LuckyTrip: Rolling the dice for boutique weekend getaways on a budget

Voyage Privé: Discounts full-price boarders will hate you for

Revolut: Easy travel money exchange without the ridiculous bank fees

Tinder: Find a hot local tour guide


Blog & Branding

The Influencers Diary: Hands down the best blogger events in London Town

Brand Snob: Pitch to your favourite brands

Tribe: For anyone to use, try making money from your photos



HMRC app: boring but a necessity

1tap receipts: Invoicing made super simple

Yolt: Connects to your bank account and cleverly tells you roughly how much you’re spending on specific categories like groceries and shopping

WealthSimple: Smart Robo Investing. The take-over had begun.


Just For Fun

 HQ APP: 2 trivia quizzes a day (at 3pm and 9pm) get 12/12 questions right and you could win up to £550 – simple as. (They make their money from advertising).

Kik messenger: Sick of giving your number out to failed Tinder dates? Ask them to add you on Kik, which requires a username not a mobile number.

Think Dirty: Scan your most beloved cosmetic essentials using the barcode scanner and see if there are any ‘nasties’ lurking deep within (ingredients generally not considered super consumer-friendly).

KY Calc: Looks like a calculator but type in your secret passcode and it reveals a secret stash for all your private photos, videos and other documents. Get them off the camera roll and away from prying eyes ;).

Yodha Astrology: Plug in your birth time and date and get a monthly astrology reading – it’s written in the stars. You can also ask a specific question (for a fee) and will be connected to a qualified astrologer in Nepal or India (apparently).




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