Top 25 Jobs For Freelancers

Top 25 Jobs For Freelancers


Whether you’re looking to support your main gig with a few passion projects, or plunge straight into juggling a variety of jobs as a full-time portfolio, having multiple income streams is never a bad idea and in 2018 it’s never been easier. Here are my top 25 job ideas for freelancers, most of which allow you to work remotely.



Never thought you’d put that A* in English Language to good use? Copywriting consists of proofreading content, restructuring sentences and correcting any outstanding grammatical or spelling errors. For example, I once worked with an Estonian Company that wanted to make sure their website and documents were translated to a native standard, in my mother tongue. As a copywriter you set an hourly rate and although competition can be tough, once you get your foot in the door with a few companies, they tend to re-hire and recommend. It’s the perfect way to make some side income online and there is always demand.


Writing or Vlogging

Every man and his dog has a blog these days and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Why not refine how you articulate yourself through the medium of exploring topics you love, or never knew you loved! Consider writing for publications, online columns or learning how to film and edit engaging video footage, which you can monetise via advertisement, an hourly rate or commission.



Those that can’t do… Teaching and learning without the commute has never been more popular and there are a vast array of skills in demand from modern languages to coding, SEO or online life coaching.



Not got the genetics for the catwalk? Consider commercial, tall / petite, TV and other types of modelling. It’s not all about the stereotype and many online brands are actively searching for curvier models in their modern Social campaigns.



If you can do a bit more than hold and snap, why not consider some freelance photography or retouching services. Although I’m nowhere near good enough to market myself for professional services, I love playing about in LightRoom. Transforming your images is incredibly satisfying.


Sales + Affiliate Marketing

If you get those annoying DMs on Instagram saying something along the lines of, ‘hey how would you like to work with me and have your own business where you can earn money from home?’, this alludes to that. It works for some people! If you think you could enjoy it then give it a go. One thing to note – as an individual, don’t accept an offer to buy their products in bulk and then try to sell them on yourself, especially not to begin with. You should be getting commission and bonuses via the leads you give them instead.


Graphic Design

Never learned Graphic Design but still wonder whether it could be for you? Take an online course and learn – it’s never too late. Platforms like Udemy and Coursera are amazing introductions to such skills. Designing interesting Infographics is especially popular.


Stocks and Shares Trading

You could try day trading, monthly, or longer term investments depending on how often you want to be glued to your phone and how confident you are in your choices. Remember this is not a guaranteed way to make money and you should only play what you ‘can afford to lose’. There are a whole host of apps and websites that have made this more accessible than ever before.


Teaching Others

If you’ve mastered the above sell your Fx trading signals and high quality learning materials to onboard interested amateurs. These days if you’re a programmer there are many great automated strategies and platforms available as well, such as ICONOMI.



If you love fashion and think you have a sartorial eye, most shoots require a stylist to plan the outfits, steam out the creases and safety-pin those baggy areas.



Writing out audio files at an hourly or package rate. Sounds simple but takes a lot of time and patience. And good hearing.



I recently bumped into an independent illustrator on Instagram and commissioned her to make a few pieces for the brand and website. If you have an artistic flair – get it out there and show it off to the world! Apps like Fiverr are also a good way of displaying your portfolio and being hired for little freelance projects.


Social Media Manager

Harder than it looks but if you can do more than post a few pictures, then curating a great feed and improving the network and engagement of a brand’s social channels can be fun and rewarding! You can also sell things like light room pre-set packages or your own stock images.



If you’re lucky enough to be bilingual you could check for positions on community notice boards, online and via your embassy.


Voice Artist

Not got the face for TV but fancy yourself a voice artist? With some vocal training, you could be working on a variety of projects doing the voice overs #behindthescenes.


SEO Specialist

If Neil Patel is one of your idols in life, then this could be the role for you. Growth hacking and pushing those pages up the Google rankings. Large agencies charge a lot of money for such services, so if you can prove you have enough knowledge and time for a small business or startup in need of assistance, it could be the perfect partnership.


Data Entry

Boring but someone’s got to do it!


Web Development

From Ux design to backend coding, there are many different aspects of web design one can learn and explore.


Event Co-ordinator

It’s never to late to start making a portfolio of little events you have helped to organise, or run single-handedly before promoting yourself as an independent service.


Community Outreach

This title is often the social arm of a business and involves meeting and engaging with customers and bloggers to expand the company and increase exposure.



Everyone loves a bit of photoshop these days – brush up your skills and you could become a freelance retoucher to photographers. Join many of the online modelling / photography / creative forums seeking out such individuals.


Yoga + Pilates teacher

Training can be a little costly but well worthwhile if you love the activity – think of all the yoga classes you’ll save on afterwards. Find your local studio and enquire as many of them offer qualifications or have equally good recommendations.


Etsy Shop Owner

If you have a passion for being crafty, whether it’s painting, sewing, stitching, knitting or building – sell your creations online using platforms like ebay, amazon, pinterest and etsy and their counterpart apps on your phone.


Airbnb Host

Make money sharing your home and you could enrich the memories of tourists from all over the globe.


House / Pet sitter

The above, without the humans. Magic.


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