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Boost your Instagram following & engagement with TheMixedMedic


What we offer: A human point of contact who will construct a personalised programme to help you manage your Instagram account, allowing you to see a boost in the number of followers, likes and comments per month. No fake accounts involved, only real human interaction.

How does it work: The key to growth is high levels of activity, but this is labour intensive and time consuming! By supplying our team with a list of some similar accounts to yours, as well as any relevant locations and hashtags, we will do the hard work for you and in turn, you get noticed by many more users willing to interact with you. We use our own service for the TMM blog account itself, so this method is tried and tested.

How much growth will I see? Growth will be different for everyone as these are real human interactions not fake bots, therefore exact numbers cannot be guaranteed. However there will definitely be an increase from whatever baseline following you start with and the longer you continue with the programme, the more followers you will obtain. The more frequently you continue to publish good quality content on top of being paired with our services, the better the results will be!

What is required? You will need to supply us with your Instagram login and password, this is of course kept 100% confidential and a non-disclosure agreement can be signed if you would prefer. Your account will also need to be older than 3-4 months.

What are the disadvantages of hiring a growth service? The only disadvantage is that your home feed will be disrupted. This is because your account will be following and unfollowing large volumes of new people in order to get them to notice you. However you will still be able to easily find all your friends by searching their accounts so it will not be a huge problem. If you do not like any of the changes, you can let us know and we can try to tailor a programme specifically to your needs.

How much is the service? The service is paid via this link so that the set up only needs to be filled in once and you are free to cancel at any time. Costs start at just £15.00 per month for our basic programme, however you can email to find out more and discuss the kind of outcomes you would hope to achieve.

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