Wellness Co-Working For London Digital Nomads

Wellness Co-Working For London Digital Nomads


The perfect half-way house between the comforts of home alongside the fresh faces and workplace wellness of a startup office (millennial bean bags and co), London houses some of the quirkiest and most relentlessly idealistic co-working venues in the UK (‘we promise you will love your job here’).

While there are plenty of pricey monthly subscriptions available, I personally prefer the flexibility of being able to dip in and out of a variety of options (read: commitment issues). This selection presents some of the best re-openings for day passes, coattail-riding, or simply squatting.



Uncommon Space

One of my favourite ‘work wellbeing’ finds – in-house yoga studios, silent meditation pods, plants galore, marble table tops, CBD drinks in the fridge, and annoying(ly) beautiful people. It’s a funemployment brigade’s dream. Many different venues throughout the city, so quite commonly uncommon, with the Liverpool Street venue costing and boasting the most.




The Hoxton Hotel

The best for East-London style sofa squatting. No day passes, just a few hours commitment to a seat and some tea (or day-time drinking if in the [dark] arts). Nice fireplace in winter, and plenty of travellers seeking local wisdom amidst a sea of arm bangles, indie piercings and generic tattoos.




Fora Space

This place looks very Uncommon-style vibes, but I’ve not actually tried it. Probably because I admitted to having worked with another co-working space in the form and now cannot seem to get a response. So in summary – as beautiful and stuck up as it looks. She don’t need your money.




LABS Co-working

I like the one in Camden. Delivering the best of both worlds when it comes to crossing the punk grunge of the high street with every remote workers’ plant-based needs. Middle-class cohort will feel comfortably cool amongst the cannabis-stall combo of this liminal space.





Best for cult-ure. As a ‘mission-driven’ workspace, there’s no community quite like the x+why space gang. Not only do they house another breed of start-up (Gold Standard B Corps or wannabes are highly encouraged), the common vision to change the way the world works for good will leave you questioning the morals and ethics of your personal hero’s journey on a daily basis.

As far as religions go – best of the bunch for restoring your faith in both humanity and business. Additional disclaimer that I have a personal bias towards this space having had my ass saved by them on multiple occasions during the pandemic. Expect to leave a convert.




Home Grown

Squeezing in here as part of the Fiena community is one of their many fine perks. One of the best for stylish events hosted by freshly-launched rocket-ships, and mid-morning Bloody Marys in the ‘workspace’ bar area. It’s x10 better than a ‘spontaneous water-cooler’ moment.




Elan Café

Think pink amongst the Lucky Charm Lattes and Black Magic Brews of this sickeningly sweet spot for plugging in and tuning out. Overpriced, Instagram gloating galore, it’s a must for tourists and seasoned city-dwellers alike.

The wifi is pretty good. Plenty of space, not usually busy enough to feel guilty about squatting for hours during the week, and staff seem happy to entertain anyone not pestering them for take 10 of Tik Tok.