Top 10 co-working on a budget

Top 10 co-working on a budget

The perfect half-way house between the comforts of home alongside the networking, interaction and efficiency of a startup office, London houses some of the quirkiest and most spacious co-working venues in the UK. However rents are high and office space is no exception, so here are some of the best on a budget.

The below listings demonstrate the flexible day rates, however prices will vary for hot-desking or monthly rental, which are also options at all of the spaces mentioned.

1. Campus London: free

Google’s UK startup hub where becoming a member is free. It has more than 22,000 members from over 60 countries and hosts several educational panels / talks and workshops throughout the year. Its four shared workspaces include TechHub, Central Working, Seedcamp and Techstars London.

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The drawbacks are that you must be working in technology in some way, membership applications must first be approved and seats fill up really fast (both indoors and outdoors) – does not come recommended if you are looking for somewhere to seriously put your head down for a few hours without the temptation of socialising.

2. Ziferblat on Old Street: £15 

Describes itself as ‘a unique pay-what-you-like cafe and social club’. Also described as a TreeHouse for adults, it is of course found on Shoreditch Highstreet and provides a super casual and cosy work environment. You can pay what you want per hour but once your bill reaches 5 hours, it is capped at a maximum £15 day rate! This includes printer access, fast wifi, complimentary battery chargers and delicious coffee. Also fills up fast so get there at 10am for opening.

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3. WeWork: Free Trial

One of the more boring options in my opinion as tends to be loved mostly by corporate companies (don’t be fooled by all the crazy photos of foreign branches / inspo on their instagram). However if you’re just looking for a cheeky trial day somewhere then this one is free, after that is around £200/month to hot desk as they don’t offer day passes.

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4. Uncommon: starting at £15

One of my favourite choices, the Uncommon work spaces have a focus on wellness and are filled with greenery and plants! Day passes start at £15 but can be higher depending on which branch you pick.

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5. Impact Hub Westminster: £20 half day

One of the largest of a locally owned chain of work spaces around the world. Impact Hub are anti-isolation for early stage startups and so host a variety of programmes to encourage networking. One of the few workspaces where membership will allow you to work across the globe!

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6. Huckletree Shoreditch / Clerkenwell: £35

One of the fastest growing communities in london. The Shoreditch space even offers stretching zones, hydration stations and green garden areas to boost creativity.

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7. Cowork hub Acton: £20

This has a crazy amount of features such as its own gym, showers, meeting rooms, free beer (yes. Free beer. In London), 24 hour access, games room, car parking and table tennis. They also host a ‘wellbeing wednesday’ where you can partake in yoga, see a nutritionist or receive an office massage!

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8. AreaWorks: Hoxton / Manor House £9

Fairly new, modern, houses a gym, focuses on wellness, unlimited tea and coffee, a stocked breakfast pantry and yet the cheapest of the bunch. It’s next on my hitlist.

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9. Club Workspace: £95 per membership (not /day)

Many branches all over London (17 in total) set up to provide small businesses and freelancers with an inspiring and active business community. Free wifi, refreshments and optional printing, meeting rooms or business mailboxes. I love the quirky deco at this space and the fact that they also offer you in-house tools to help your business grow.

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10. Something different?

Try Breather which lets you rent out all manner of different spaces for meetings / working / creating at an hourly rate. There are also many recommendable hotels around London such as the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, Hoxton Hotel, Pullman in St Pancras or The Book Club in East London which also houses a ping pong table, cafe and DJ sessions in the evenings.

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