Loop: Life At Your Volume

Loop: Life At Your Volume
Loop provide high fidelity ear plugs for noise reduction (not noise cancellation); Providing a range of options for work, festivals and fine-tuning everyday conversations.


Background noise affects us all differently; From bustling co-working spaces to noisy cafés, managing sensory overload can be harder for some than others. The majority of people are better able to concentrate in quieter environments, and our focus is almost always lost when a sound reaches 80 decibels – that’s the equivalent of a dishwasher, hairdryer, or a busy street. These are all inescapable noises that we encounter every single day, so is it any wonder that so many of us are highly strung and find it difficult to concentrate?

For those who prefer to work with background noise – instrumental music, ambient noise or white noise work best; but for those that need quiet, noise reducing headphones and earplugs can provide a gentler solution to the unnatural nature of deafening silence. Loop earplugs provide a variety of aesthetically pleasing and customisable styles, making finding the sweet spot more personalised. The brand’s mission is to help its customers “live life at their volume,” with the aim of designing innovative ear-wear that does away with stereotypes and the notion that hearing protection can’t be chic.


A Sensational Performance

Our brains process sounds differently. These neural networks have certain processes they must follow to achieve focus and concentration. When there’s background noise, it competes with the brain signals for the things you actually want to focus on. These signals can get particularly jumbled up depending on the type of noise and task at hand. This was backed up by a study from Huang and Elhiali, which demonstrated that brain waves synchronised with the tones participants focused on; but once there is a noticeable background noise, the tone synchronisation reduced and the brain waves aligned with the background noise instead.

The brainchild of co-founders Maarten Bodewes and Dimitri O, Loop Earplugs were initially created to maintain sound quality, rather than cause muffling. “Our co-founders have been friends since high school and enjoyed going clubbing together; After a loud night out, they both had ringing ears and wanted to prevent further damage… They tried all sorts of earplugs and none of them were effective, comfortable and stylish. They wanted to redefine what earplugs should look, sound and feel like and allow people to live life to the fullest” says Sayrade Vandermeersch, the PR manager at Loop.


The Triple Treat

1) Loop Experience is the brand’s original product, designed to filter noise and limit decibel intake without compromising sound quality, with up to 18 dB of noise reduction. Vandermeersch explains that “the Experience earplug launched in 2018, answered the call for a sleek, comfortable earplug designed to filter noise and limit decibel intake without compromising sound quality. They make the world around you sound natural – just a little less loud.” Great for party protection and enhanced entertainment.

2) Loop Quiet is a comfortable, reusable earplug designed for work, studying and focus, with up to 26 dB of noise protection. It muffles distractions to help you get into the zone with a deeper level of focus, can filter out nighttime noises for more restorative sleep, or provide a comforting solution to the hustle and bustle of daily travel.

3) Loop Engage is designed to reduce overstimulating sounds without making users feel shut off in social settings, with up to 16 dB of noise reduction. This option is great for clearer conversations and sound socialising – connecting at your own volume during team projects and group gatherings.

While the filtration and reduction levels vary across products, there are three clever parts to each Loop earplug. Firstly, an acoustic resonator which mimics the function of your ear canal, keeping sounds natural. Then there’s a mesh filter that lowers all frequencies equally, reducing decibels; Finally, there are the ear tips, which work to seal the ear canal. Loop Switch is the latest product offering, allowing users to flip between each of the above modes all in one sleek earplug. They also make kids options as well as a range of accessories.

Many daily noises can’t be avoided, but their involuntary impacts can be reduced. These benefits extend beyond daily work performance, helping people to manage things like stress, anxiety, ADHD and misophonia. The Loop brand recommends Experience and Engage for those with ADHD, as well as those who are noise-sensitive or neurodivergent. They also recommend the Loop Experience Plus for tinnitus, as they mask noise without completely silencing it – meaning you can still be social while dampening sounds that act as triggers.