Meet Brendan, Founder of Anatomē

Meet Brendan, Founder of Anatomē


What I love about holistic wellness brand Anatomē, is that while remaining natural and gentle, scientific research underpins all of their product development – bringing fresh and original insight into the power of potent botanical ingredients. You can easily find each paper referenced below their product range online, with proven ingredients to help support sleep, emotional, physical and topical wellbeing.

Anatomē also offer consultations with highly qualified nutritionists, dieticians, sleep experts, aromatherapists and other wellness providers both digitally and in their experiential London Apothecary. Founder Brendan Murdock shares his journey into holistic wellbeing and business, creating a brand designed to support finding balance in a modern world through personalised advice and a unique range of goods.

As a creator of brands, Brendan has spent the last 15 years working within premium food, skincare, and fragrance. His first restaurant ‘CRU’, was a re-interpretation of the wine bar in Hoxton Square, and after a few years successfully operating in the space, he has now moved into the realm of physical retail products and experiences.



Why did you start Anatomē?

While keeping fit is important, it is only one aspect of our wellbeing, and with mental health issues, anxiety and sleep disorders at epidemic levels, I realised that traditional health food stores offered very little to nourish the mind and soul in the way of experience, products or services.

This provided the inspiration for Anatomē: a natural, holistic, health and wellness brand that would provide the very best nutritional supplements, vitamins, therapeutic oils and expert advice to restore balance to our lives.


What do you predict for Wellness in 2020?

A realisation amongst many consumers is slowing down, engaging with our bodies, and nourishing them through more ritualistic behaviour – whether its a yoga practice, sleeping, a regular job or swim.


What does a typical work day look like for you?

I’m in the habit now of getting up at 6.30am to exercise, walk the dog, and be ready for work by 9am. I’m trying to implement more structure into my day, both before and after work, to do more things that benefit both my physical and emotional health. Lockdown has helped with this by allowing me to slow down!


Do you ever miss elements of the 9-5?

I don’t think I have ever had a 9-5 so it doesn’t quite connect as a sensibility, but I need to get better at keeping my downtime specifically for me and my partner. As opposed to letting work encroach.


What advice would you give to someone looking to start out in the Health and Wellness Industry?

Be passionate as to why, develop a business based on personal interest that inspires you. Often brands are created purely out of opportunity and a lack of heart, the consumer sees that.


What you know, or who you know?

What you know is how we would all like the world to work.


How do you promote and PR your business?

We try to connect with the consumer via press, so telling our story, helping publicists understand our brand (they are all consumers at the end of the day), and we have an active team at Anatomē that are dedicated to doing so.


Do you think there are benefits to studying the theoretical concepts in business / entrepreneurship, as opposed to solely learning on the go?

Yes of course, what stands out is visualisation. Being able to understand the visual outcome keeps you focused when you’re in the middle of a project or challenge. One always wants to ensure that you reach your end goal, as opposed to sinking or treading water, unable to remember why you’re putting yourself through this!


What are your favourite brands right now and why?

Sunspel – I recently bought a simple sweater that I love; LL Bean – it has great heritage, and I can feel like I’m an urban adventurer; Cubitts make superb eyewear; Suitcase is a great travel magazine and always takes me on an emotional journey, and Modern House for my dream home!


What has been your biggest achievement in life thus far?

That’s a tough one, if we’re talking business – then creating brands that connect with people, my old brand Murdock London continues to grow and embrace people around the world.


And your biggest lesson or failure?

Only go into business with people that share the same values, and spend time getting to know and understand who they are.


Who are your role models?

My parents have always shown me what Integrity is, and my partner keeps me grounded.


Do you have a mentor or people that you ask for advice?

Yes always, it’s so important to connect with people and be able to pick up the phone – good or bad. Being decisive isn’t always a natural trait and I rely on communicating with others to help me reach certain solutions.


How has what you do changed you as a person?

I’m more aware of difference and diversity, sometimes we are too enclosed in our bubbles and cocoons, as you create a brand you’re forced to be more empathetic and caring, thinking about others and their needs.


Top 5 books or blogs on your reading list?

My book list is too long, I have the Biography of Bunny Mellon next to my bed, Trick Mirror which will be interesting and perhaps shed light on the truth, I also have a couple of historical novels I need to get stuck into, including All The Light We Cannot See, and I want to read more Penguin Classics.


What’s yet to come?

Travel – I hope that when this pandemic ends, I get to explore more of the world. I especially want to visit South America, Chile and Patagonia.


If you could do any job aside from what you do now, what would it be?

I don’t really know the first thing about farming but I’d spend more time in the countryside! It could be something to learn, although it would be bloody tough in the winter.


Any unconventional words of advice?

If the person is horrible, walk away. Don’t go into business with horrible people!


If time and money were no object, what would be on your to-do and to-see list?

More travel, to do a Yacht masters, and revisit my Irish sailing roots!





Star Products

Anatomē have such a wide range of products and services available, however we particularly love the essential oils and herbal teas, as part of an integrative approach to self-care and holistic wellness. What is particularly poignant, is the need to reintroduce elements of rhythm and ceremony back into our lives, and not just routine. Ritualistic behaviour is inherent within us and strengthens the mind-body connection by harnessing mindset and intent.


Focus + Concentration Loose Leaf Blend

This energising tea blend is the perfect addition to any mid-day meditation. Medium bodied, round citrus and fruity flavours. Charged with energising luxury Oolong, Yerba Maté, warming Lemon Pieces, Blue Cornflowers and White Tea, it makes for a healthy coffee alternative, by providing the kick without the come down. Harvested from China, Brazil, Egypt and France, just 1 teaspoon is enough for an extremely exotic start to the day.



Recovery + Sleep Essential Oil

Along with each essential oil blend, you receive a card denoting the importance of holistic usage, such as practicing good sleep hygiene before bed – avoiding technology 1 hour before you go to sleep and minimising exposure to blue light. Alongside their journal entries on the science behind essential oils, Anatomē have searched the world for the finest plant extracts, resulting in a blend of 22 Botanical essences to help promote better sleep and relaxation. The signature top note of this therapeutic star is Blue German Chamomile, a sophisticated scent mixed with the nurturing heart of Lavendar, Frankincense, and Seaweed, to assist individuals facing anxiety and emotional stress.