Meet Lexy: Artist, Psychic And Founder Of New Earth Medicine

Meet Lexy: Artist, Psychic And Founder Of New Earth Medicine


Alexandra Shvarova is an artist, mentor and psychic who runs coaching sessions, courses and retreats based around her brand: New Earth Medicine. Having come across the Akashic Record buzzwords and had my interest peaked by archetypes such as Freya and Aphrodite, I was curious to learn more about the force of nature behind this soulful service.


Tell us a bit more about you and your journey into what you do?

Thank you for having me and for opening your heart towards my work. My name is Alexandra Shvarova and I am a spiritual healer, mentor, and founder of New Earth Medicine. I connect directly to the Akasha Chronicles and work with the mysteries.

The story of my own healing journey is long and deep. I’ve overcome domestic violence, eating disorders, depression and more. Under the guidance of my own mentors, shamans and healers, I started to successfully release trauma from my lineage and past lives.

This awakening journey gave me the power to become who I am. Now, New Earth Medicine is my mystical approach to helping my clients rise and shine themselves. With the Akasha, I guide my clients into their past and we clear whatever is in the way. It’s both intense and powerful!

The methods I employ help my clients to see, feel and recognise themselves. I give them the tools to spiritually heal themselves.


How and why did you found New Earth Medicine?

I’ve been practicing the art of sacred tattooing for about 9 years now. When the pandemic hit the tattoo industry I stepped out and kept on doing what I’ve always done but without the ink – since then my gifts have been opening up even stronger and are constantly developing.

With the New Earth comes a new consciousness and a collective craving for novel ways to match the new frequency. So I created New Earth as the spiritual portal to this wisdom.


What has and hasn’t worked for you on your personal holistic healthcare journey?

Well modern medicine simply told me that I was burned out. At that point in time, I was searching for a psychiatrist to help me with PTSD, but I’m now grateful for the fact that many of the doctors I saw either sent me away or added me to a waiting list.

I experienced insomnia, panic attacks, disordered eating, migraines, and more – I was determined to get to the root of these symptoms instead of masking them, and that’s when I started to explore more holistic management. I met my own healers and mentors about 8 years ago, and I’m still working with them. But now, I can bring the tools they have given me to others in the collective.


What kinds of complaints have clients come to you with, and have you found any links between certain practices and outcomes?

Around 70% of my clients are coaches who have already done a lot of personal development, and are now at a point where they desire more knowledge about the universal mysteries.

I work on releasing energetic traumas, karma, and integrating parts of the soul. For me, the most efficient way to help my sisters is by connecting directly to the Akasha and with light-body work. It’s a profound healing of their past lives and ancestors that starts a deep process within them.

My courses and offerings are now focused on complete transformations. In such a relationship, commitment and trust are important components of this process.


What does spirituality mean to you?

Everything – the universal law of divine oneness explains that ‘everything is spirit, the universe is spirit’, we are spiritual beings living a human experience.

For the ‘non-believers’, I like to explain this realm using water as an example. Water in its most dense form is ice, we can liken this to the material human form. However when water melts and vaporises we can’t catch it or even see it any more. But the humidity in the air remains – as does the metaphysical realm.

Just because it’s not within the visible light spectrum, doesn’t mean it’s not there. So spirit to me is everything. I am spirit, you are spirit and spirituality to me is simply the living embodiment of my ethereal soul in this human experience.


In a world that can feel chaotic and noisy, what helps you to connect to your deeper intuition?

Daily grounding rituals like yoga, surfing and walks in nature. I read a lot. I love to practice the ‘sweet art of doing nothing’.


Tells us a little more about your work with the divine feminine archetypes

The divine feminine and the the divine masculine are two sides of the same coin. By the universal law of gender, everyone has within them the feminine and masculine polarities. Over the last 2500 years we have somewhat disconnected and oppressed much of the feminine within us. We as a collective went through centuries of feminine repression (like the inquisition).

I have observed that the divine feminine aspects in both men and women seem to be slowly coming into balance and finding more harmony. For example women with strong Athena energies (goddess of wisdom, craft and strategy) are becoming more aware of the fact that they are working mostly from their masculine polarity. Developing more feminine and receptive ways in business is helping these women to achieve more success. The key is in balance.


What is your view of plant medicines as spiritual tools?

I have had beautiful experiences with shamanic practices from South America and I can imagine that people who want to open up to other realms quickly will find what they seek. The shamans see the plants as spirits and teachers. Everything is within us, and tools like plants will only guide us. There is no right or wrong, the most important element is your intention behind the practice.


What was it like for you, the very first time you experienced things such as accessing the Akashic Records or meeting spirit guides?

The Akashic Records come very naturally to me, I’ve experienced working with them since I was a child. But the term ‘Akasha’ itself is very new to me.

Almost a year ago, this concept opened up very strongly within me and I even channelled or birthed a whole new project called Akasha Soul – to teach people how to read, navigate and clear their Akasha Chronicles.

I have always been very intuitive and sensitive. After my spiritual awakening I started to feel the gods and goddess around me, as well as the spirits of my ancestors and other guides. Working with them is part of my daily life.


What motivates you?

The new earth. If you didn’t like the old frequency, help me to create a new one.


Do you have a mentor or people you ask for advice?

Yes of course! Every healer should have a healer. We never stop learning and expanding.


Who inspires you?

The god/dess, mythology and mother nature


If you weren’t running your programmes, what would you be doing?

I would continue with sacred tattooing and painting. I still tattoo but I’m no longer full time and I only work on projects that resonate with me on a higher level.


How has what you do changed you as a person?

I have become more confident in myself and my powers – and I am always focused on constant evolution and expansion. The beautiful feeling of creating a new earth keeps me motivated and determined.