Meet Philipp: Founder Of Leela Quantum Tech

Meet Philipp: Founder Of Leela Quantum Tech


After receiving note of a unique offering that explored ‘quantum energy frequencies and the way in which our bodies and food benefit from them’, my interest had been peaked. Philipp Samor Von Holtzendorff-Fehling is the founder of Leela Quantum Tech – ‘a path to more life force, energy and vitality’. Offering a range of products that claim to benefit the nervous system, cellular voltage and chakra energy, as well as blocking some of the effects of EMFs, Leela Q is a curious concept that’s rapidly gaining momentum.



Tell us a little more about your background and how you came to found LQT?

In my business career, I was a Vice President at T-Mobile International and the U. S. – I was also an officer at a multi-million company. In the early 2000s, I realized that there’s a lot more to life than just the material, having a day job, and all of that. So, I started to dig into yoga and meditation. I started to read about the energy world. I went through a few courses to learn more about chakras and explore this new dimension of life. 

In 2005, I met my wife. She was born with the ability to see people in energy fields. She never lost her conscious connection. It helped me learn more about it; then, I trained myself in certain somatic practices, energy healing work, and past life regression work, and I stopped being in the corporate world in 2016. 

My wife was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease around 2010, so I became even more interested in finding the latest alternatives from new healing modalities. It sparked a real passion in me for such things and everything regarding biohacking. I worked with some of the most amazing healers in the world and trained myself. 

Throughout that journey, some companies were trying to make products with quantum energy, but they were not doing it right. They were doing it in a stressful way for the human body. So we developed a completely new technology that does not use brute force. With all of the experience, we can help people with the technology and then with the frequencies we create.


It says on your website that you worked through ‘blockages and barriers’ – what do you mean by this and what were these experiences like for you?

Blockages and barriers as in traumas – whether from past lives or even from this life, emotional blockages, certain fears, belief systems, and those related to the third eye. I had some blockages there that I was able to get through over time. My experience was pretty amazing. Sometimes, it is difficult to look into these things and face your “shadows.” But every time something was transformed, it was very freeing.


What other tools and lifestyle changes have you found both have and have not worked for you in your holistic health journey?

There are still some on the physical level in terms of certain supplements that I’ve found to work very well. I’m a big fan of vitamin C, vitamin D, and Carbon 60, also called C60. I use a hyper-vibe machine that has these vibrational plates, that also works very well. I do yoga regularly.

There isn’t really anything that hasn’t worked at all, or that I haven’t liked. I think diet is just one thing that is a bit more individual – there isn’t an ultimate diet that everyone needs to follow either. It’s the same with these healing modalities, it’s about personal preference. 


What are your favourite products from LQT right now – could you explain a little more about how they work and whether you think this will become more mainstream?


My favourite products are the extension of our technology: the Quantum Block and then the Infinity Blok. Most amazing is the Infinity Block package. Because with that, you can upgrade your Infinity Blocks in the concentration of the field pretty much endlessly. 

In terms of the smaller products, I think it’s the H.E.A.L. Capsules and the Inner Peace and Abundance cards which are my personal favorites. Do I believe this will become more mainstream? Absolutely yes! 

There are such excellent results across the board. I think that this is the time for that. People are opening up and understanding that it’s not just about our 5 senses, and that there’s a lot more to experience than that. They start to leave their little boxes.


What kinds of feedback have you had from customers?

We have fantastic feedback from our customers – we literally have hundreds of testimonials with outstanding results and extraordinary experiences in various ways. I can’t even just reference one because there are so many! 

We have not been around for so long and don’t have millions of customers. We already have a few hundred testimonials of people that just love all products across the board.

For example, in the telegram group – just check the last couple of days, there are tons of live testimonials in there, as well as static ones on the website. Still, we haven’t even published all of them because there are so many. We are a conscious business and we plant a tree for every order, as well a supporting autistic children in India. 


What is your opinion on plant medicines as tools for living in alignment?

There’s merit to it. If used very mindfully, carefully, and rarely, plant medicine has its place and can be extremely powerful. But it can also be misused.



What does spirituality mean to you?

I live my life from the inside out, from my heart, basically – from my inner voice and higher self, and I follow my inner guidance.  


Did you fundraise for your business?

It’s all privately funded


What difficulties have you faced and how did you get around them?

If you work on a smaller budget, it takes longer, and it’s harder to put so much money and emphasis into the necessary studies and research. I think we’ve been able to manage that aspect quite well. The other challenge in today’s world is that we have to be careful with what we say because there’s so much regulation out there. 

Interestingly enough, the pharma industry somehow reserves the right to speak about healing and positive benefits on all fronts, which is kind of upside-down in my opinion. We need to be careful in such territory. We need to work with certain disclaimers, but despite that, it’s very successful because the products do work – people realize that they have great results and then talk about it. There’s a lot of positive word of mouth.


What unforeseen opportunities have arisen?

Sometimes I’ve been on a podcast or giving an interview, and a listener will get in contact with a fantastic story, or a doctor will get in touch because they’re interested in running some studies. It’s great for people to be so open and for us to be able to have a wider discussion about this. I love how connected we are because of the internet – someone from the other side of the world will hear about us this way and we’ll have a blossoming new partnership or relationship.


When you first launched, what brought the most traction and momentum for you? And what hasn’t worked so well?

We tried to talk to, or reach up to people that lived in tiny boxes. I knew that from the beginning, anyway. Some people may get to this technology in 5 years because it’s only then that they’ll realize that it works.

Many people around me use it, but at this point, it’s more for people that are already digging into this type of world and are more open and curious about it. That’s for sure. 

What brought the most traction? I think it was just a culmination of things. It is really that the products work because you can’t be successful, and you can’t have a significant following of promoters if the products don’t work. 

Compared to other giant companies, we gained quite some traction with a minimal budget. I think what was very helpful for this is the fantastic studies and results that we continue to get more of. 


What’s the smallest change that’s given the biggest return?

Working from the heart.


What motivates you?

The positive results with our products and when the people start to open up to their inner voice and connect more with themselves. That’s just fantastic. That motivates me the most. 

We’re in a time of change. However, you can’t destroy the old; that’s also not the right way to do it, from my perspective. We put a lot of emphasis on building the new and not on fighting the old, which inspires me and attracts like-minded people. 


What has been your biggest lesson, fear or failure?

We launched an organic vegetarian restaurant in Memphis. Financially, we didn’t make it, so we had to close it down. It was still a success in other ways, though.

It depends on how people define success. If it’s purely money, then, definitely, it was not a success, but we did spark quite something in Memphis. And we had many people that were all for healthy eating that gave us hugs because we did what we did, and they enjoyed it while we were open. 

That was a good lesson there. You can’t always succeed, but you know it doesn’t matter how often you fall as long as you always stand up again.


Do you have a mentor or people you ask for advice?

I’ve always had some people that I could reach out to either in my business career or on my personal development path. There’s always someone on my mind that I could call right away to get advice if I needed it. And vice versa, I advise other people that call me.


If you did not run your own company, what would you be doing?

What I do now is the only thing I can imagine doing – so I can’t answer this question as it’s not based in reality for me.


What are your strengths and weaknesses?

One of my strengths is that I can move a whole lot of energy to make things happen. On the one hand, I learned how to be highly results-oriented, efficient, effective. But, at the same time, combine it with a view from the heart to synergise these qualities.

In terms of weaknesses – I tend to be impatient; Even more so in the past, I always wanted to get things done quickly. I still want to get things done quickly, but I don’t have a problem with stuff anymore if it doesn’t happen. It’s less of a weakness today than it was.


How has what you do changed you as a person?

Over this journey, I’ve become a better human than I was. So nowadays, I think I’m much more tuned in, working, and living from the heart than when I was in the corporate business world. 


If time and money were no object – what would be on your to do and to see list?

So if money were not an object, I would still be doing what I’m doing. But I would travel even more and spend a little more time with my son. I would organize retreats and I would like to help people learn how to heal and connect with themselves. 




Product Review

I was gifted a set of H.E.A.L Capsules and an Inner Peace Card. I was grateful for these for three main reasons: curiosity, the unique aesthetics and the surprising price tag. Cost aside, I was yet to be convinced of the intrinsic value.

Described as ‘the multi-purpose accessory for every situation’, the Quantum Capsules are designed to be worn like a piece of jewellery or popped into your pocket. The little titanium balls inside are said to be charged with neutral frequencies that are good for your health amongst other things.

The first and last thing I noticed about this, having worn the necklace religiously for a few weeks – was how hot the brass container eventually became against the skin, before leaving a garish green stain on my chest. Safe to say that after this, I never wore it again. But it still has a nice pocket in my handbag, next to the Rose Quartz crystal that I keep for good luck.

The Inner Peace Card comes in ’23 different frequencies’ designed for different purposes including ‘heavy heart’, ‘inner anger’ and so on. I put it in the breast pocket of my favourite jacket. In the past, when I first started reading about EMFs and surfing Dr Google for all the ways in which I was frying my precious brain at the expense of modern life, I did go through the paranoid rite of passage of seeking out remedies for what could be done.

It eventually led me to the conclusion that I either participated in society and lost my mind over progress I mostly could not control, or permanently relocate to the jungle. I opted for the former with intermissions of the latter. Whether or not the Peace Card actually works when it comes to blocking EMFs, it probably does help on the level of feeling like you’ve done something. And the shiny gold card is nice to look at.

While I do believe that there is something unexplainable about quantum, altered states of consciousness, and the questions that science cannot answer, I am not yet 100% convinced that they are made manifest in these rather pricey bits of blessed metal.

However, you are welcome to checkout the Telegram groups for live feedback that is far more receptive than my own! And at the end of the day, if we can just take a sugar pill (either simple or dressed in frills) that tells our brain to chill out and to heal, more fool you for being unwilling to play the fool?