Nomad Arts House: Frank Canvas, Taped + Robyn Artz

Nomad Arts House: Frank Canvas, Taped + Robyn Artz
Nomad Arts are a ‘raw and rebellious’ consultancy: for artists they offer representation, incubation, commissioned services and partnerships; for art fans, they aim to break down the barriers that most galleries put up through their culture and price tags; and for collectors and investors they supply an advisory team that specialises in connecting clients to opportunities within investment-grade modern fine art.


Held in collaboration with Disrupt Events at the Dorsett Hotel, Nomad Arts hosted the launch of their new platform featuring a group exhibition from three of their emerging British Artists: Robyn Artz, Taped, and Frank Canvas. The Nomad art collections are created by internationally recognised artists, alongside an interesting genre of ‘investment-art’ from ‘Ghost Artists’, whom much like ghost-writers, wish to preserve their identity – focusing on the luxury of privacy.


Ghost Artists

Nomad Arts explain that anonymity can be a catalyst for truth: in that the preservation of identity can allow for greater freedom of expression. They attract artists whose work could achieve global recognition, while they as an artist, remain anonymous in order to be able to create at liberty. Caring little for the burdens of fame, they prioritise the borderless freedom of practicing their craft.

This genre of ‘Ghost Artist’ modern art is a growing category of evocative art, both physical and hybrid-digital, and is rooted in removing barriers to rights of freedom of expression. By providing artists with the means to maintain their anonymity, much like the globally renowned artist Banksy, Nomad aims to empower artists by separating their work from their personal life.

In true Nomad fashion, the artists were available for signings at the event, while wearing their signature disguises including Deadmau-style French Bulldog helmets, and picasso-print bandanas with sunglasses.



Frank Canvas


“I wanted to be an artist but the world wanted me to be something else; maybe this way I can be both… I want my art to make people smile, to lift someone’s mood while looking great on their wall. I believe value lies not in the price of the piece, but in the reach of that peace… My art is for all, and whether you love it or hate it, I will always be, unapologetically Frank!” – Frank Canvas


Anonymity: Complete | Series: Socially Awkward Elephant | Gallery: Quantus | 26 Originals & 75 Prints

A globally recognised public figure with a passion for the arts; Frank Canvas has conquered his/her profession on the global-stage and is now looking to share the secret creative outlet that has laid dormant throughout their career. Though from a young age Frank excelled within creative subjects at school, and showed remarkable flare in their innovative approaches to traditional formats, fate and timing took them on a very different career path to the one they had planned as an artist.

Having always been known by those closest to Frank, for their wit and rebellious nature, these traits are far more prevalent in Frank’s artwork than their public facing persona. Frank often talks about how their career in the public-eye has captured a very different side of them than the side that they channel as an artist. In their public role, there is a need to maintain the expectations of both the industry and Frank’s fans. However in their art, Frank leverages the escapism to voice without judgement, the parts of themselves that would have otherwise been withheld.

Their worldly lifestyle, exposure to a spectrum of audiences and the influential role they play within popular-culture, has had a huge impact on their Frank work as an artist. There are clear instigated narratives in the undertones of their work, and elements that reveal both their experiences as a child, and as a public figure. Their work has only ever been seen by their closest friends and family members, until now. In representing Frank Canvas, Nomad is able to support their innate passion for creative expression – while making Frank’s satirical wisdom accessible to all.




“The music we love is a reflection of our psyche; a window into our feelings and experiences. Except now our music collections are hidden on a device in our pockets instead of being on display as they once were, on CDs, records and cassette tapes. I want to use my work in Music to create artwork that allows both our personalities and our music to be proudly put back on display” – Taped


Anonymity: Partial | Series: Music Matters | Gallery: Quantus | 26 Originals & 100 Prints

Taped is a 40 year old British contemporary artist, raised on the south east coast of the UK. He later moved to West London to expand his career opportunities in both art and advertising. Taped didn’t come from a hugely creative household; he lived with his father who was an antique dealer, his mother; a local nurse, and his two younger siblings.

Music and Advertising played a key role in his pursuit within the creative industry. Music in particular was a significant element of his daily routine. Taped was inspired by lyrics, and so from the age of 12 he would end most days by reading the lyrics of songs, which then triggered the urge to draw abstract works inspired by them. Taped continued his self-taught talent of developing artwork around music, while pursuing a career within the advertising world. Over the last few years however, his focus has shifted towards his creative passion of ‘Music Nostalgia Art’ – using his distinctive style of layered stencil work, spray paint, acrylic and screen printing, to capture his voice.

Taped has always been fascinated by the extension of character through display collections. He’s adamant that we are able to gage great insights into someone’s head and heart just by gazing through their latest playlists and libraries. Back in the day our CDs, cassettes and vinyls were all proudly displayed in our homes, providing an open window into our souls. Now it’s all hidden away on smartphones. Taped has taken this as the catalyst for his work, and looks to magnify ‘the music playlist-display’ as a centre-piece. All this is garnished with the ‘avant-garde’ quotes and ‘meme-style’ text embedded in his artwork, reflecting both his humour and perspective on the world.


Robyn Artz


“I have visions of Picasso as a rebel street artist… I see him spray his work on brick-walls and graffiti his name. I feel I’ve seen his street-art and I’m simply replicating it.” – Robyn Artz


Anonymity: Partial | Series: Culture Through Language | Gallery: Quantus | 10 Originals & 75 Prints

Robyn Arts is a 32 year old British female contemporary artist, inspired by the bold forms of both the modern and classical masters; Matisse, David Shirley and Andy Warhol to name a few. Her work is driven by a passion to re-imagine the work of some of our favourite artists – using those familiar images to tell new stories, reflect new voices, and embrace the comedy of it all.

As a ‘fine art contemporary artist’, Robyn leans on Street Pop Art for what she terms the “urbanisation” of renowned names, capturing the raw voices of a new generation. She states in interviews that she often has visions of ‘the greats’ working on grand pieces of street-art, and captures cultural shifts through their recognisable styles. These visions and interpretations are what she now brings to life in her signature bright colours and playful pop pieces.


The Nomad Arts House

Collaborating with a UK-based art and merchandise production firm, Nomad Arts aim to deliver high standards of quality in art gifting, prints and merchandising. With AI-led manufacturing facilities and paintbrush-stroke print reproduction abilities, they offer a ‘fine-art premium standard’ of work for both creators and fans. This is a supplement to their collection of original pieces by a selection of emerging figures in today’s landscape.

The home of ‘Raw, Rebellious and Remarkable’ wall art, their art house aims to inspire a new generation of fans, collectors, investors, and those who just want to create aesthetic and expressive spaces. As lovers of art, from the classics to the modern, their number one goal is to make art more accessible. Their expanding portfolio share their values not just in creating captivating works, but also in making art which can be enjoyed by people from broader walks of life.