Novelty Mini-Breaks

Novelty Mini-Breaks


When the world is such a colossal place, why visit the same spot twice or even frequent the most popular tourist destinations? Here are a few ideas for casting the net further afield and catching a bigger oyster.



Swap Dubrovnik for Kotor

  • A little town on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast
  • The old town was built as a maze to confuse invading forces
  • Have a chilled Niksicko beer in the main square, on the terrace of Hotel Vardar.
  • Admire the views atop the hillside castle of San Giovanni
  • Have a seabass supper at the harbour-side Galion restaurant


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Game of Thrones Vibes



Swap Prague for Brno

  • Pronounced ‘Burr-no’
  • Blonde beer, Baroque buildings and a distinct lack of stag dos are its main selling points
  • Czech Republic’s second largest city
  • Home to the Moravian Karst – a beautiful network of underground caves (below)
  • Pull a pint at the Lucky Bastard Beer House
  • Have a night out at the Super Panda Circus, best known for its eccentric decor
  • A diverse array of chic boutique hotels on offer


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Swap Bologna for Bari

  • A Southern Italian City full of character and charm.
  • Take an evening walk along the promenade, the seafront Lungomare Nazario Sauro
  • Shop the quirky collections at boutiques such as Mimma Ninni
  • Sample local specialty polpo arricciato (octopus beaten until tender) at La Tana Del Polpo


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Swap Barcelona for Girona

  • Catalan culture, modernist architecture and year-round sun.
  • Peruse the boutiques in the Old Quarter
  • Michelin starred El Celler de Can Roca is regularly voted one of the best restaurants in the world
  • Walk the cobbled Rambla, devoid of hoards of tourists and the often creepy street artists…


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Swap Berlin for Graz

  • This Austrian city has plenty of edgy art and culture to satisfy your inner hipster
  • Museum Kunsthaus Graz looks like a castoff from the Westworld set.
  • Murinsel Graz is an artificial island in the river Mur that has everything from strudel to cinema (below)
  • Head to Die Scherbe bar to try a glass (bottle) of the wine of the month.


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