Ohm: ‘Only Healing Minerals’

Ohm: ‘Only Healing Minerals’


Modern Geochemistry Meets Holistic Ancient Wisdom

Ohm are a healing minerals brand founded by Geochemist and Wellness specialist Ruth Findlay. In her fusion of geology and holistic medicine, Ohm brings the benefits of nature’s famous mineral baths to the comfort of your own home.

I love that these products blend modern science, with the wisdom of ancient traditional practices, in a format that mimics the symbiotic delivery Mother Nature provides.


Mineral Science & Mineral Healing

Soaking in mineral spring water, cold or thermal, allows for transdermal absorption of crucial minerals and their healing vibrations. Ohm’s formulas are balanced to match the chemistry of famous spa water from around the world. Pure mineral rocks are ground into a powder, without the addition of manufactured salts or chemical fragrances. Therefore the suspension of minerals in an Ohm bath, or diffused into your air, mimics Mother Nature’s mineral masterpieces.

Deficiencies in trace minerals, due to depleted agricultural soil and poor diet choices can lead to weakened immunity. A growing number of studies are showing the superior benefits of absorption of transdermal minerals. Ohm delivers essential minerals and trace minerals to the skin for direct absorption. Additionally, these minerals vibrate in correlation with specific meridians of the body to provide a deeper level of healing and wellbeing, according to traditional Chinese Medicine.


About the Founder, Ruth Findlay

Ruth’s love for the sciences lead her to study Geo Chemistry at the University of Alabama. Her passion for wellness however, was born out of necessity. When conventional medicine failed her, she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine under the guidance of Dr Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc. Holistic medicine helped Ruth heal, but it was only during her first walk through a Kneipp mineral fountain in Germany that Ruth rediscovered her long-lost sense of vitality.

Ruth travelled far and wide to experience the healing power of mineral baths, and realised that she could use her geochemistry background to replicate some of the health benefits at home. Ohm, Only Healing Minerals, was born from Ruth’s rare combination of expertise in geology, mineral crystallography, and holistic medicine, under the guidance of Dr Fruehauf.

We sat down with founder Ruth, to uncover more about her journey from geochemistry lab to mineral wellness entrepreneur.



You trained as a Geochemist, which in the mainstream tends to use a slightly different scientific framework to things like meridians and mineral structures effect on vibrations, could you explain a little more about this?

Most people do not realise that minerals and crystals are one and the same. Crystals are actually beautiful, well-formed, pure minerals. Crystals are typically thought of as ‘metaphysical’, and minerals as ‘a supplement for health’ – explaining both as one can be difficult.

The hardest stretch, not usually recognised in scientific circles, is mineral vibration: atoms in a mineral’s crystal structure bump together in a certain frequency, creating a unique vibration. When held against the skin, these vibrational frequencies can affect a meridian and its organ system in the body, in the same way that needles do. Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Meridian Doctrine, which is used in acupuncture, has recently become more mainstream. I hope to be part of bringing these ideas and theories to the forefront of the mineral wellness industry.


Why do you think some of this ancient wisdom has been lost over time?

I think that after World War 2, as technology, processed foods and western medicine advanced, humans relied on what was visually pleasing or easy, as opposed to what they physically needed. For example, food ads encourage us to eat pleasantly packaged foods that are very bad for us, and medical advertisements encourage us to be well simply by taking a quick pill. These same industries encouraged us to frown upon ancient wisdom, medicine and natural, intuitive healing.


Why did you opt for a non-oral, skin-absorbing format?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the small intestine and the skin pair with each other, simply meaning that both absorb healing nutrients. The skin was designed by Mother Nature to take in minerals for the body to use. We like the transdermal means of replenishing minerals because they are non-invasive and satisfying.


What constitutes a great idea?

An idea that is unique, and can also satisfy a need for good.


Did you fundraise for your business?

I have not yet, at present.


What difficulties have you faced and how did you get around them?

We create bath products, however where we are based (in the states), it’s popular to have shower-only rooms. This is why we launched our topical solutions and mineral diffusing blends.


What do you predict for wellness in 2020?

I predict that COVID-19 will encourage wellness as opposed to just getting well. Focusing on prevention and maintenance over just cure.


How did your background, education or work experience help you?

My geochemistry and general science background help every day. Research and development requires a lot of mathematics in addition to chemistry.


What’s the smallest change that’s given the biggest return?

Staying grounded. Being grounded allows Ohm to be organic.


Does anyone use the product in a way you never expected?

Customers always message us detailing how they personally prefer to use our products, and what works best for them. It gives me great pleasure to hear of their creativity and success!


What motivates you?

Obtainable wellness for all – both humans and canines.


What’s been your biggest achievement in life thus far?

Overcoming illness and sharing wellness


How do you deal with burn out?

An Ohm holistic mineral bath and a dab of KA-POW on my forehead!


Do you have a mentor or people you ask for advice?

Dr Heiner Fruehauf is my mentor (and a superhero) – he has taught, encouraged and advised me for years.


How has what you do changed you as a person?

I am well. I am strong, I am vibrant. And I now have the energy to want these 3 things for everyone.


What is your motto?

Our products are very potent – a little goes a long way! So we like to say that ‘more is not better’.







Featured Products from The Ohm Collection




Pure Mineral Crystal Baths

The pure holistic ground mineral baths, without chemical salts or fragrances, are relatively unique to Ohm. Only a small amount is required to turn your home bath into a melange of minerals that are as pure as nature’s mineral spring or thermal waters.

The Spring H20 + Amethyst Holistic Mineral Bath blends modern science with ancient holistic medicine. SpringH2O is blended to match the Lincoln Spring water in Saratoga Springs, NY. Rich in healing minerals, like the waters of the Lincoln Spring, SpringH20 is traditionally formulated to target and heal the central nervous system and organs. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it may increase metabolism, decrease skin irritations and boost the immune system.

Amethyst is by far one of the most popular crystals that people have today. This powerhouse is said to boost immunities, and nurture and support so many of the bodies functions, as well as strengthening the organs and circulatory system.

The gently ground, powerful healing mineral crystal powder formulas are all packaged in a “Self Charging Bottle”. Each has a hematite bead nestled in the powder to keep the crystals charged, healing and fresh.


Mineral Diffusing Blends

These ground pure crystal mineral formulas are mixed with water to create a powerful mineral diffusing experience for the home. You can use these fragrance-free blends with any oil diffuser to release lung healing sea salt + minerals into the air, mimicking waves releasing sea water minerals along the sea shore.

The Elements Diffusing Blend was created for immune boosting lung health, and infuses the lungs and body with nature’s healing minerals. Dr Thomas Ferkol, President of the Thoracic Society, believes breathing salty sea air supports some claims of lung health, healing and disease prevention.

The formulation of Elements is based on the geochemistry of Rhenish Massif of Germany, an area of ancient bath spa towns, including Bad Kreuznach & Wiesbaden, dating to the ancient Romans. Beneath, the mantle plume heats the ancient waters, they rise into the geologic fault zone, mineralising, and becoming the area’s thermal waters.

In the historic Salinental Valley, (Kreuznach, Germany) are many enormous “Graduation Towers”, 27ft tall and 7 miles long. For more than 400 years thermal mineral water has been pumped up and trickled down these structures allowing the valley’s winds to blow salt and healing minerals into the air, creating Europe’s largest open air ‘inhalatorium’.


Topical Mineral Remedies

Ohm gently grind healing mineral crystals into powder, then create a meticulously and holistically balanced formula for a unique topical application that you rub into your skin! The Allergy Remedy infuses the power of Orange Calcite with Fuchsite to relieve irritation of the nose, skin and eyes from environmental irritants like dust, pollen and dander. Rub a bit of this healing rock dust around your eyes and nose once or twice a day and viola – reduced or no allergies! You can find reviews here.

The Madness and Anxiety Remedy is formulated with Lepidolite, a major source of Lithium. For use, dust the tip of the finger and apply to the back of the neck as well as under each collarbone. “Lithium remains a major mineral component of granite rock, and also lingers in significant amounts in sea water, mineral springs, and soils. Every organ and tissue in the human body contains the mineral lithium, with particular importance in brain health.”  Dr James Greenblatt, MD


These products were developed under the guidance of Dr Heiner Fruehauf, a world-renowned professor of holistic medicine at National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Ohm must share their disclaimer that they are not medical practitioners and cannot give medical advice. Crystals used for healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies, and not as a replacement for regular medical care. For external use only.