A Weekend In Singapore

A Weekend In Singapore
Having spent 3 days in Singapore, here are my top tips for time-pressed travellers that want to discover more to the city than the shopping.


Visit Cafe Neko:

One of the 3 cat cafes in the area. It costs 12 dollars for an hour to have tea with all the rescue cats and kittens <3 there is also a puppy cafe apparently.




Take a trip to the symbolic Gardens by the Bay:

The highlight was the Cloud Walk Gardens which are truly stunning and also serve to educate you about climate change, the environment and the natural history of the planet. The waterfalls and scent mists were welcome moisture in the mid-day heat.




Visit the Marina Sands Hotel:

You cannot miss it, being the only luxury hotel designed with a Surfboard on top complete with rooftop infinity pool and viewing platform. In the evenings, impressive laser light shows are projected into the skies and across the waters below.




The tip everyone will tell you:

Sip a Singapore Sling in its birthplace, The Raffles Hotel. This gorgeous colonial hotel will set you back around 500 pounds per night, however the signature bar is open to tourists who want to enjoy the iconic sweet cocktail. You’ll have to wade your way through a floor littered with peanut shells (tradition apparently) to find a seat under the old-fashioned ceiling fans. You must also eat at a Hawker Center: for 4 dollar noodles and freshly baked desserts, amazing food and a buzzing atmosphere




Be catapulted into the air:

At Clarke Quay you will find the legendary Catapult ride… perhaps your reaction might make it into the YouTube Hall of Fame.

Other recommendations that I was unable to personally try include the Rooftop Helipad Bar, Night Safari and Santos Island (Singaporean Disney Land). We stayed with friends in Labrador Park which was the perfect location for getting around via tube, however there are many great options online or on apps such as AirBnb.



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