Meet Anoushka: Founder of The Goddess Space

Meet Anoushka: Founder of The Goddess Space


The Goddess Space can only be described as a spiritual retreat for women, located in the dreamy area of Little Venice, London. It was founded in 2015 by Anoushka Florence who combines her natural, intuitive skills with her love for mysticism and interior design, to create enchanting spaces for ladies to gather, luxuriate and learn.

I love that Anoushka runs such a unique business and one that is so true to her character. TGS runs workshops in everything from Astrology, to creative writing, to managing your menstrual flow, all within the beautifully candle lit, green, sage-scented, crystal-littered walls of her Warwick Avenue refuge.


Tell us more about The Goddess Space, how you first reached the vision for your business and how this then came into fruition.

The Goddess Space was born out of my own spiritual journey. It was created as I started my own quest to search for deeper meaning in my life.What came to light during this time was a call to connect and find likeminded Women who were also walking their path. The Goddess Space creates Magikal spaces for Women to gather together and connect back to their truth, their feminine powers and Unleash their Magik within. From private 1:1 Sessions, to Goddess Gatherings and online courses there are many different paths to chose from.


Why ‘Magik’?

Magik is the language of the universe. As such, learning about Magik gives us the tools to be able to connect with it deeper. Magik shows up in our lives in many different ways, if we don’t know how to connect with it then how can we see it.We’ve all experienced Magik at some point in our lives, and the truth is Magikal moments are around every corner but we must have the eyes to see it. You know what they say, those who don’t believe in Magik will never find it. Magik teaches you faith, it teaches you intention, it teaches you that there is always so much more than meets the eye.


What you teach can be quite unconventional for most people, how did you learn what you know and what is most rewarding about what you do?

My wisdom comes from within and from the Magikal Women I’ve met along my path. I don’t have any qualifications, any certificates, any accreditations …I’m constantly learning, being inspired, practising my spiritual tools, reading , connecting to my own insights and intuition, and connecting to the wisdom thats trying to come through to me; with that I create authentic experiences.The most rewarding thing about what I do is watching Women rise. Watching the Women I work with connect back to their power, reclaim their truth ,confidence and live the life their destined to lead… Remembering, that all they need is what is already within them.


Do you have any ‘mentors’ or sources of advice? Who are your role models?

Support for me is the key to my growth. I have always worked with Wise Woman, I have always desired that connection, that support, that space holding. @viendamaria is my mentor and @zoehind7 my Wise Woman!


I loved your blog post on ‘The Lost Generation’. What is the most important mission of The Goddess Space today?

My intention is to remind Women of their power, remind them that they don’t need to look outside of themselves for what they’re seeking. They don’t need to be healed for they are the healers. I want to reawaken the inner wise woman that lives within every woman, for a woman in her true power will heal the world.


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Did it take a lot of courage to quit your job and go solo and how does it compare to what you were doing before?

Yes absolutely. I knew I wanted to leave my job about a year or so before I did… I left when the voice within got to loud ignore. That year period however, was the perfect building block to start visioning The Goddess Space, dreaming up what it would be, how it would work and manifesting all that I was ready to bring to life.


What are the pros and cons of being a sole founder?

You get to create your own perfect balanced work life. I base The Goddess Space on a feminine led-business structure meaning I cycle my work with my own cycle.


How do you reach out to new people who might be interested in experiencing TGS?

I don’t do any heavy marketing… my“marketing” works in a feminine based way. I call in the people who are ready, the ones who feel it within them, they find my message, they hear it and they respond.


Where do you take your inspiration from when it comes to your tastes in design and décor?

My mum is an interior designer @seraoflondon, I grew up surrounded by Magik, surrounded by the true expression of an artist. My style is highly influenced by my mothers bohemian flair with my own spiritual twist on top!


I love the creative writing in your newsletters, how did you hone these skills, or is it more intuitive?

Thank you! It’s definitely intuitive, I speak from my heart and do things the way it feels good to me.


In spite of working in the wellbeing sector, have you ever-experienced burn out and if so, how did you deal with it?

Of course, As a culture its been ingrained in us that the more we work the more successful we’ll be. The more hours the more productive. As such, when I first left my job and transitioned from employed to self-employed, finding that balance and making that shift was really hard.In the first few months of leaving my job I definitely experienced burn out, feeling like i needed to prove myself by over extending myself. What happened as a result only delayed that which I wanted to create because my true heart and energy wasn’t fully in it.

I’ve now learnt to give my focus, intention and heart to all that I need to do fully and in turn find that things just don’t take as long. A Wise Woman also once told me to have 3 things on your to do list per day, always have space in your day for your spontaneity, creativity and rest.


Why did you choose to live in London and if you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?

My family live in London and I feel a strong connection to this land, my feet feel grounded, my heart centred and my soul expanded. However,I do love travelling, being a free spirit and experiencing different cultures!! On my bucket list is currently Bali, Australia+ Peru!!


How do you stay healthy and active? What is your view on Veganism?

Health has always been a big thing for me in my life. As a teenager I suffered with food issues andupon reflection, now understand how everything I was and wasn’t putting inside of my body was being mirrored on the outside too.

I chose to become Vegan almost two years ago. This lifestyle choice created the space in my body, mind and soul to feel truly nourished, supported and inspired.


Do you practice a religion?

I grew up in a religious spiritual Jewish home and am of course inspired by some of my cultures beautiful traditions and rituals, however, I do nor conform to any religion rather my own spirituality and the knowing and belief that we are all one.


What is your zodiac and how much can you relate to this?

I am a Pisces Sun, Aries Moon and Pisces Rising. I have always felt very connected and in tune with astrology. As I dove deeper into the practice, I now have learnt the tools and wisdom to understand it deeper, and it truly remains a big part of my spiritual practice enabling me to connect and understand the energies at play and how I can connect to them.


Top 5 books and blogs on your reading list?

If Women Rose Rooted – Sharon Blackie

Black Elk Speaks – Niehardt

Witch – Lisa Lister

The Heroines Journey – Maureen Murdock

A course in Miracles – Dr Helen Schuman


What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses?

I would say my strengths are definitely my intuition, my ability to connect with others, to feel so deeply, to believe and trust in my souls callings.

My weaknesses are being impatient, self-doubt and my organisation skills!


If time and money were no object, what would you do, where would you go and what would you see?

I would travel the world on a sailing boat…never getting seasick, I would travel to magikal places, meeting magikal people and learn from them. Immersing myself in their cultures in order to return home with wisdom, treasures and beautiful memories!!


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