Top 5 Wellness Apps and Podcasts

Top 5 Wellness Apps and Podcasts
Although the fears around Technology often centre around how it may be harming our health, it’s also proven itself in delivering a world of good. Presenting a little Yang to the Yin, here are the Top 5 Apps and Podcasts you can use for wellness at work or on the go.


Applicable Apps

Headspace: Meditation

A firm favourite amongst experts and novices alike, with its competitor ‘Calm’ following closely behind. Their goal is to ‘make meditation accessible to everyone’, with an annual or monthly subscription that grants you access to a series of guided meditations, along with animated explanations of why these might help you manage mental hygiene and improve daily life.

Gratitude: Wellbeing

‘Happiness does not bring gratitude, gratitude brings happiness’. The ‘Gratitude’ App is a daily journal where you can keep memories and notes of the things that bring you joy, after all – it’s usually the little things that make the biggest difference. A wonderful reminder, that can help you shift gears completely. 

Third Ear: Sound Bathing

If you’re a fan of binaural beats, you’ll probably know a thing or two about sound bathing. Both are alternative forms of meditation, using sounds played at certain frequencies said to facilitate brain waves entering into a more relaxed state (delta or theta as opposed to alpha). Founder Leo Cosendai is a popular sound healer from London.

Zero: Fasting

Welcome to the worlds largest fasting community on iOS and Android. Said to bring a multitude of health benefits, intermittent fasting requires a serious amount of discipline that can often be hard to stick to. This free App helps you get there, with plenty of customisation options, and beautifully designed tracker.

Breathing App: Recalibrating

Founded by Yoga Guru to the stars, and self-proclaimed Science enthusiast, Eddie Stern. Our breathing rate affects our nervous system, mind-set, heart rate and blood pressure, yet many of us still don’t utilise it properly. Breathing at a rate of 6 breaths per minute (as opposed to 15-20) is reportedly the state that Buddhist monks and Yogis naturally enter into while meditating. This App can help you get there.



Promising Podcasts


From wellness warrior Gwyneth Paltrow. The best thing about this podcast is the variety – leading thinkers, industry disruptors, health professionals, CEOs, energy healers, shamans, athletes, and creative alike. The podcast is about shifting old paradigms and starting new conversations, no matter how ‘out there’.

Feel Better, Live More

Dr Chatterjee practiced medicine for nearly 20 years and hosts this research-based, no-nonsense show, which aims to uncover the truth behind common health myths. Simplifying complex research into easily digestible sound bites that could change your habits for the better. 

Why’s Words

Wellbeing encompasses fulfilment, passion and inspiration, and nowhere covers that better than the Why’s Words podcast. Explore the power of purpose and how entrepreneurs have used it to build and sustain long-term businesses and movements, with powerful positive impact.

Triyoga Talks

Proving there’s more to yoga than a Child’s Pose. One of the things we often miss in our practice is the rich history and philosophy behind this technology. This show features some of the world’s most renowned teachers tackling diverse subjects such as the ethics of yoga and power of contemplative practice. We recommend Episode 2 with clinical psychologist Bo Forbes, focusing on the convergence of yoga and psychotherapy. 

Ted Talks Health

From debating controversial topics such as the tobacco industry, to bringing mental health support to refugees, this podcast is a direct link to some of the latest ground-breaking research in the world of medicine and health. Jun Wang’s insights into DNA and it could affect your health choices are well worth a listen.