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An Ethical, Sustainable, Unisex Wellness Brand And Community – with a focus on Transparency, Clean Science, Consumer Education and Botanical Alchemy

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Exotic Skincare Regime : Edibles : Herbal Teas

2017 APRIL

  • Over the years I’ve worked on a few different (often pretty random) side projects. In April I went to continue work on a travel app and bootstrapped in Indonesia, whilst working with a Developer. I learned and developed a little coding, digital marketing, content creation and project management.
  • When the app dismantled, I decided to travel solo for 1-2 months
  • Very nearly moved permanently due to the weather, great quality of life and wellness scene (except for all the nasty mosquitos).

2017 JUNE

  • Slightly reluctantly returned to the UK because of the much more vibrant StartUp scene, events, networking, FinTech work and family (I had missed it all a tiny bit…).
  • Identified the Industries I wanted my StartUp to be in (Online, Wellness, Tech)
  • Identified the problems I wanted to work on
  • Set rough goals and targets
  • Brainstorming and Wire Framing
  • Pitching ideas / networking / learning from as many people as I could in the likes of business, finance, law and tech (anything except for what I had been studying).
  • Secured investment in exchange for a large amount of equity.


  • Registered the company with Companies House
  • Registered for a company bank account – comparing rates and fees
  • Set up accounts and pay role with an accountant
  • Structured a shareholders agreement with lawyers
  • Refined and extensively researched products, platform and business plan


  • Sourced UK manufacturers who could deliver what I was seeking: prices are cheaper abroad but would rather not skimp on quality, communication and accessibility
  • Found a Branding Team in South America who’s portfolio suggested they could deliver designs in line with the vision
  • Sourced talented developer(s) in Poland who will be needed down the line
  • Further refining of products, ingredients, science, ethos and planning


  • Some minor delays with commencing manufacturing due to unforeseen circumstances: illness of a key team member, problems sourcing certain ingredients, delays nearing the holiday period
  • Changed and tweaked products and split them into groups for sampling
  • Split payments into monthly instalments to help cash flow


  • Business slows over the holiday period as everyone begins to break up
  • Investor suffers a few business problems and delays of their own
  • Received the first product sample by post and emailed feedback
  • Was not overly keen on the original brand name and later discovered trademarking and competitor issues (a sign from the universe), so re-branded and arranged to re-do logo designs for ‘Yūgenial’.
I’ve fallen in love with the Yūgenial name which is an adaptation of the Japanese word above. Sometimes we become so trapped in our tainted microcosm of the world, we forget just how fantastically mysterious and expansive life really is. Holistic wellness is in large part about perspective and it can take existential burnout to fully appreciate that. ‘Yūgenial’ has connotations of rejuvenation, youth, millennials, self-care, spirituality, multiculturalism, the unconventional and modernity meeting ancient wisdom.


  • Re-structuring of Branding designs and new logo approval
  • Briefing developers to begin ecommerce design
  • Setting up and paying HMRC PAYE
  • More product samples, revisions and feedback


  • Submitting logo for Trademark application
  • Website Design and framework
  • More product samples, revisions and feedback

2018 MARCH

  • AWS account creation
  • Dev’s begin work on landing page and blog
  • Independent designer to create 11 custom graphics
  • Sampling products from popular US brands for comparison
  • Submitting certified documents for Trade Marking
  • Talks with a second manufacturer for custom innovative product

2018 APRIL

  • Review Heads of Terms
  • Co-ordinate sourcing of packaging for 2nd product
  • Review custom graphics and incorporate into site
  • Planning part of PR and social marketing strategy
  • Visit to Suffolk to see independent manufacturer: another lovely team, understood what goes on behind the scenes with regards to hot and cold mixing, extraction etc.
  • Branding delays due to wait over property sales

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2018 MAY:

  • Site Mapping
  • Rehashing of a few products
  • Key ingredient sourced by new manufacturer so half of production moved over
  • commercial tea packers need sourcing
  • meetings with different sustainable packaging companies for cosmetic products

2018 JUNE:

  • Speaking to family-run tea startup in Asia for herbal blend sourcing
  • Begin development on 2nd batch of products and send first for testing
  • Partner with a Fragrance House

2018 JULY:

  • Sorting problems with the website branding / templates
  • On-boarding a new manufacturer for powder cosmetics
  • Working with fragrance houses and IFRA regulations to create a scent that adheres to our ethos


  • on-board a second packaging company as an array of different sizes of pots and tubulars in PCR and Biopolymer is hard to come by using just 1 manufacturer
  • Tea manufacturing to team with Chinese Herbal Medicine stockist in Taiwan
  • start approved products on compatibility testing


  • To commence partnership with sustainable packaging company for water based products
  • New web templates to be installed
  • Fulfilment house sourced
  • New tea packer sourced in Asia including Chinese medicinal herbs


  • Freelance designers for video content creation
  • Tea pack designs to be completed
  • Installation on wordpress > Shopify
  • MOQs and paperwork for warehousing
  • Fragrance house bases
  • MV Tea pack designs


  • Website coding complete
  • FFT finalise accounts financial year end
  • Blog and first product for site
  • First Wednesdays Meeting + Collaboration